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As a systems administration manager, it is important to keep track of the view that
computers are purchased to perform tasks that should increase the net worth of the company,
not just provide systems to play with...
err, I mean manage!

We're talking ROI here, you invested in an IT department,
the service levels and maintenance costs should reflect your investement.


  • If you haven't made a mistake today, then you probably haven't made anything else.
  • Work smarter, not harder; even if you have to sit up all night to write the script.
  • Managing larger networks of heterogeneous unix systems boils down to just diagnosing problems and implementing changes.
  • Diagnosing problems is finding what changed and why.
  • The job is not done till the documentation is on a web page.
  • "Intellectual Property" doesn't have much intrinsic value.
  • The Death of Common Sense

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A short list of my favorite sysadmin tools can be found here.
And a more than passing interest in moble robots.
Now the proud owner (again) of my Father's and Uncle's antique tractors and stationary engines.

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