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An excerpt from a letter from Wagner Stevens Yatchs, makers of the current Passports, to a friend when they were selling their boat...

Your Passport 45 is one of a handfull built in 1981 and 1982 by the Shin-Fa yard in Taiwan under contract for Peter Hoyt.

Your hull and deck came from the Peterson 44 mold, several of which were build in the 1970s. Subsequently, that same hull mold was used to build Peter Hoyt's Liberty 458 series with new deck tooling.

Peter Hoyt was a cruising friend of Passport Yachts founder Wendell Renken. In 1980, Wendell Renken engaged Peter Hoyt to be the U.S. representative for Passport Yachts. After a year of doing business, Peter Hoyt decided that he'd rather build boats than represent them, so he moved to Taiwan, acquired rights to the Peterson 44 tooling, and began building boats. He was unable to obtain an export license, so (in those early, freewheeling days of Far Eastern yacht construction) Wendell Renken permitted Peter Hoyt to use the Passport license to export his yachts. Hence the name "Passport" 45.

While we would like to take credit for having build your fine yacht, the truth is that neither the designer, builder, nor contract yard had anything to do with Passport Yachts, other than the use of the export license.

For brokerage marketing purposes, that creates a small but not insurmountable problem. You have a well built, fast sailing cruising yacht that speaks for herself, after all. The problem is that brokers, buyers, price guides, and surveyors don't know what a "Passport"45 is.

Sister ships of your "Passport" 45 Ketch have sold in brokerage advertised as Peterson 44s, Liberty 458s, and Peterson/Liberty 45s. There is a viable market on both coasts for Peterson 44s, and you may find profit in advertising your yacht as such, with an explanation on the specification sheet summarizing my comments above. In fact, your yacht would compare favorably to the regular Peterson 44s on the market, since your interior joinery is finished in solid teak staving, whereas the Peterson 44s have teak veneer with solid teak accents.


Back in 2003 I found 6 of the (maybe 13) passports:
Since then all have changed owners except me, and Katie Lee is offered for sale as of Jan 2019.
The Coast Guard posts this info for Documented Vessels
(from Vessel Documentation Page)
PKY45003???? Jazzmin (ex Kirsten)
Port Orchard, WA
Tim and Michelle Luttman
PYK450031280 Plumas (ex Halonna)
Tacoma, WA
Dick & Carol
PYK450050881 Kunjani (ex Sebenza, Vryheid, Griffin, Wind Drifter)
Chicago, Il
Adrian Martin
PYK450050282 Julia Max
Portland, OR
George & Sue
PYK450060681 Katie Lee (ex Bat'Ya IV, Klickitat )
Belfair, WA - currently Southern Taiwan
Me, Larry and Trinda Littlefield
008 unknown
unknown - currently Puerta Vallarta Marina, PV, Jal, MX
HAZG01260180 Kanani (ex Kanani of Hawaii) ( A different hull number, but it sure looks the same and the previous owner said it was. Maybe the Coast Guard info is bogus?)
unknown - currently La Paz, MX on the hard. Wrecked in the 2001 hurricane after being sold to a new owner. It blew over while stored.
Jeffrey N Nielsen (ex Wayne Avery)
Three of them were together for the unoffical Passport Reunion in Paulsbo, WA in May of 99.

My first US Coast Guard Documentation

All my boat photos, well it use to be. Now they are mixed in the Family Album on the Home page.

The sketch that Judy commissioned for Alfons of the Vryheid. Problem was, the artist picked the wrong boat in the photo.

The Katie Lee:

Info Request

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